2014 Winter Teams


Rangers 1
Coach: Rod Nunn

Taneka Pearce
Sophie Nunn
Sarah Brown
Karen Larranaga
Julianne Sullivan
Larissa Wintle
Ellen Henderson
Cassie Corkill
Hayley Ernst

Rangers 2
Coach: Kristy Smith

Anne Kelly
Sian Snellin
Laura Edwards
Danielle Lawler
Linley Hooper
Karen Gallacher
Georgia Harte
Claire Henderson
Elise Kelly

Rangers 3 (SOCIAL)
Coach: Margarette Goodenough

Amy Blitvich
Jo Fitzpatrick
Bliss Ward
Louise Binstead
Lisa Alexander
Hannah Palmer
Danielle Upton
Jaymie Andrews
Sophie Probett

Rangers 4
Coach: Daniel Larranaga

Rachel Brewer
Simone Lawry
Brianna Jackson
Hannah Binstead
Stevi Ireland
Natalie Gipp
Lisa Palassis
Madison Andrews
Rahnee Ellis

Rangers 5
Coach: Camille Mangan

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Brittany Barradeen
Liz Swan
Francine Goss
Danielle Gilsenan
Laura Rawlings
Laura Aitchison
Chloe Waideman
Jodie Millar
Clare McNally

Rangers 6
Coaches: Taneka Pearce & Ellen Henderson

Eleanor Aitchison
Danielle Thomas
Shaylee Stratman
Caitlin Laycock
Yogita Patel
Catherine Thomas
Jordan Scannell
Kate McGilvray
Kaela Baty

Rangers 7
Coach: Elise Kelly

Sarah Edwards
Zoey McCormick
Ashleigh Hudson
Lucy Callis
Rhiannon Price
April Newsome
Tayla Scannell
Angela Roybal
Chantelle D’Alfonso


16 & Under

Rangers 8

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Simone Lawry & Clare McNally


Abby Jones
Samantha Smith
Molly Evans
Ashleigh Austin
Katherine Binstead
Tahlia Pearson
Kiara Barradeen
Hannah White
Courtney Mangan


13 & Under

Rangers 9
Coach: Louise Binstead

Aimee Cornall
Laura Toose
Lorna Wilson
Amy Pepper
Holly Purwein
Katelyn Purwein
Gabrielle D’Alfonso
Jessica Russell
Charlotte White
Nikita Wood


10 & Under

Rangers 10
Coaches: Brianna Jackson & Cassie Corkill

Emma Ardley
Taylah Buis
Amy Rolfe
Mia Breen-Maloney
Kodi Ellis
Mya Gerschwitz
Mischa Russell

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