Life Members

Rangers introduced Life Memberships in 2008 to recognize those people who have given outstanding service to the club over many years.

CheriseCherise Hawkins (2013)

Cherise has contributed to Rangers in many ways, including as player, coach and committee member. She will  always go above and beyond what is required of her, for the sake of the club.




Amy Blitvich (2012)

Amy has been president of Rangers Netball Club since 2011.




733789_696102280421964_1557268210_nSophie Nunn (2012)

Sophie has played for Rangers Netball Club for longer than she’d care to admit. It would be a pretty safe bet to say that Sophie is our longest serving player. The Nunn Family have contributed a huge amount to our club over the years, with Sophie an active committee member, and secretary since 2011.


Danielle Dye (2011)

Dan has contributed to Rangers is a number of capacities over her time with the club, including countless years as a committee member. She was President of the club from 2008-2010, and served as Treasurer in 2011. Dan is a valued player, coach and mentor for Rangers, as well as a integral part of the inner workings of the club. Thank you Dan!!


Alanna ‘Bliss’ Ward (2011)

Bliss has been a committee member, Development officer, coach, captain, player and mentor at Rangers and never hesitates to help out, or put in the extra time to support other players or volunteers. She always has a smile on her face and you can always count on her to be around when you need a hand – thank you so much Bliss!


Kristina Jackson (2009)

Kris has been a Committee member of Ranger for many years and has also umpired, coached and mentor-coached. Whenever we need someone to step in and help out we call Kris! A very big thankyou to Kris and her family for their terrific contribution to the club.



Rod and Lee Nunn (2009)

Rodd and Lee have been incredibly supportive parents at Rangers. They are the first people to volunteer to act as team manager, are happy to score and time very week, and have done more than their fair share of BBQ and cakestall duties, as well as always helping out at the Rangers end of year function. It is families like the Nunns who help make Rangers a great club, thank you!



Yvette Thomson (2008)

Yvette has been the President and a Committee Member of Rangers for more than 10 years, as well as having significant responsibilities with the Wanneroo District Netball Association and the West Coast Netball Region. In many ways Yvette IS Rangers, and what she doesn’t know about the club and netball is not worth knowing! Although Yvette is currently having a well-earned break from commitee duties, she continues to provide invaluable advice and support to the club, which is very much appreciated.


Tricia Fox (2008)

Tricia has performed the role of umpires coordinator for 10 years and always makes sure Rangers provides competent umpires for every game, which is a massive achievement. Tricia is herself a brilliant umpire and puts a huge amount of effort to mentoring and assisting young umpires as they learn their craft. Trish’s continued dedication to umpiring and helping girls develop is fantastic and she is a wonderful asset to our club.


Georgie Tatum (2008)

Georgie was our ever-calm and organized uniforms coordinator for close to 10 years. Her contribution to the smooth running of Rangers, especially at the start of the season, has been invaluable. Georgie has also been kind enough to help us out for a few years while neither of her daughters were playing, many thanks!