Rangers is a KidSport club again for 2016!

kidsport image 2016We have again registered as a ‘KidSport’ club in 2016. KidSport enables Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances. This is something we feel very strongly about at our club.

Eligible young people aged 5–18 years can apply for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees. The fees will go directly to our club through their participating local government, and cover up to $200 of your membership for 2016.

You can apply by completing the following voucher:

KidSport – Voucher2016

If you would like more information about KidSport, you can read the fact sheet below:

KidSport Factsheet 2016

In the event that you or your child do not qualify for KidSport, but you would like to set up a payment plan for your fees this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:



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